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Our Approach

Our approach to multi-family residences is not dissimiliar to our approach to new homes. Here are a few of our key philosophies and objectives:

  • Location - we look for sites that are easily commutable and within walking or shuttle distance from community restaurants and other features
  • Opportunities to integrate the common and individual living spaces to create an overall spacious feel that offers privacy yet encourages communal interaction
  • Flexible floor plans - we have developed a design approach that provides the ability to reshape the interior floor plan to meet the differing needs of residents
  • Timeless style and durability - our designs adopt the best of architectural design elements that have withstood centuries of changing fads
  • Green sustainable construction- multi-family residences offer ample opportunities to reduce the overall footprint of a community's use of our natural resources

 If you would like to speak to us about putting our approach to work for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.