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At KCS Estates, we love the challenge of transforming a home into a timeless estate. Anyone can update a home; however to transform a home is a challenge worthy of our passion.

We don't remodel homes, we transform them.

Call us geeks, pencil pushers or just plain genius, but we thrive on seeing a vision come to life in the lines of a property and the story of its family that was invisible to the average eye. As a full-spectrum team, we like to think that the combination of our indiviudal design, architectural and general construction talents turns us into a superpower able to leap through design and cost barriers.

We accept design thru build remodel projects, because it is the only way we can deliver our unique combination of skills in a way that separates us from the pack. Learn more about our approach.

Success Stories:
Nothing beats a before and after shot to prove a point, so please take a moment to view some recent home transformation success stories....

20 Walnut Ave, Mill Valley, CA - situated in Mill Valley's Sycamore Park area, it took some vision to see the beauty lying beneath the worn, red asbestos shingled exterior.

San Anselmo, CA  - by reloating a staircase and reconfiguring the use of space, KCS was able to create a home to suite the needs of a growing family.